flowlab develops room scale, wireless, immersive solutions using stable, artifact-free technology. Come and experience it for yourself.

Evolving from the R&D of Jeff Dobrow, Creative Director/Partner at nectar ICC, flowlab architects solutions, educates and inspires with room scale Virtual Reality. At flowlab, we are continuing to promote Virtual Reality education through community outreach initiatives, public art installations, and immersion events throughout the year.

flowlab is currently focusing on architectural, site and development planning VR products.
Architecting fully interactive and navigable immersive experiences, flowlab is first-to-market with achievements in the following:
+ Commercial room-scale Virtual Reality development
+ Art installations
+ System design/installation
+ Educational outreach initiatives on a private, public, and community level

Read more on our 2017 and 2018 accomplishments in VR,and more.
Interested in commercial or outreach endeavors withflowlab? We would love to speak with you!


flowlab has produced commercial large scale immersive solutions and is currently exploring the architecture of virtual experiences in the following areas:
+ Development and architectural visualization experience
+ Medical training
+ Therapeutic uses in a range of areas and focus
+ Function and System Process visualization experience
+ Arts & Entertainment


flowlab is actively seeking opportunities to inspire and educate people about VR through various efforts:
+ VR and immersion talks, on-site and hosted events at flowlab
+ Educational initiative development including site visits, presentations and hands on demos with interested educators and artists
+ Community outreach