flowlab is currently working with several educational and research outlets via first-to-market (commercial) immersive project support.
+ 2017 ALBEMARLE COUNTY SCHOOLS - Initial VR consultation and system proposal including multiple VR exposure sessions with administration and faculty, school tech sessions, equipment and software recommendations.
+ 2017 BLUE RIDGE SCHOOL - VR program assessment.
+ 2017 TOM TOM FEST 2017 - Innovations in Education presentation and VR art studio. Designed and implemented interactive and collaborative room scale VR art project for children. This allowed a large number of participants to create and produce art with Google’s Tilt Brush software in a collaborative environment.
+ 2017-2018 UVA CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL EDUCATION PROGRAM - System consulting, implementation, and ongoing research and curriculum development.
+2017 COMPUTERS4KIDS 360-Video and immersive tech donation and awareness events - Donated 360-video camera which has been used to develop immersive storytelling and production processes including producing a fully immersive documentary for another local organization.
+2017 SOUTHERN DEVELOPMENT HOMES - First-to-market, fully immersive, room-scale real estate development solution complete with hardware integration and setup in the sales center.
+ 2018 COMPUTERS4KIDS VR THINK TANK- First in country virtual reality think tank comprised of students. For the first time in history, the playing field is leveled with technology entry points allowing C4K to experience, learn, and develop with the same technology as leading universities and companies. The initiative will produce a room-scale VR project/solution to a challenge relative to the child.
+ 2018 VIRGINIA CENTER FOR NEUROFEEDBACK, ATTACHMENT AND TRAUMA- Developing immersive experiences to treat phobias via neurofeedback stimuli. Note: *research.

+ 2018 - Refugee & Immigrant Immersion Event April 14, 2018 - Immerse a select group of refugees enabling them to explore their homeland interactively and virtually.
+ 2018 - Commercial RE development visualization projects.
+ 2018 - NLBT VR research.
+ 2018 - Two sessions presenting “VR in Education” at SOPC Education Conference at Virginia Tech in August.

+ 2017 Creation of permit processes for projection mapping in Charlottesville
+ 2016 First large-scale architectural projection mapping Charlottesville, VA - BOTJ building
+ 2017 Eugene Bradbury building (former BOA building) projection mapping - Charlottesville
+ 2017 Fully room-scale VR art installation, first in Charlottesville, CitySpace - Charlottesville
+ 2017 CitySpace projection mapping - Charlottesville
+ 2017 Tom Tom Fest Interactive Immersive Art Collaboration Event - Charlottesville
+ 2017 Lee Statue Mapping and Live Mixing event - Emancipation Park Aug 9 - Charlottesville
+ 2017 Gallery 5 Inlight Festival rogue entry - Richmond, VA
+ 2017 Charlottesville Grand Illumination Festival, Landmark Hotel projection mapping - Dec 1 - Charlottesville
+ 2018 Richmond First Friday Projection mapping Pyro Circus Festival - Richmond, VA